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We Make Legal Talent Easy to Find

You want only the cream of the crop for your law firm or corporation.  Touchstone Legal has more than 15 years of legal recruiting experience and is committed to providing unparalleled customer service.  We work closely with your hiring partners and legal administrators to develop a comprehensive profile and understanding of your ideal hire.  We then locate, recruit, and rigorously screen candidates to ensure our placements are an optimal fit to meet your high standards.

Legal Staff

Touchstone Legal is committed to providing unparalleled customer service.  We stand firmly behind each placement and ensure your full satisfaction. Through this commitment, we have built strong, lasting relationships with some of the most prominent law firms and corporations in the Bay Area. Touchstone Legal makes it a priority to really know our clients by conducting on-site visits and maintaining great communication.

We ask detailed questions about each and every job order. By combining an intimate familiarity with your organization and work environment with a thorough understanding of your job requirements and expectations, Touchstone Legal is able to identify the most ideally suited candidates for all your staffing needs.

Touchstone Legal implements a four-stage screening process to ensure that only exceptional candidates are presented.

  1. Touchstone Legal will begin its screening process with a meticulous examination of each candidate's resume, to ensure that a candidate's academic background and professional experience are properly aligned with the position requirements.
  2. Touchstone Legal will then conduct a phone interview to begin evaluating the information provided on the resume. Our recruiters are extremely adept and highly experienced in assessing both the validity and quality of a candidate's prior experiences and skills. The phone interview is also a first step in assessing personal attributes such as attitude and communication skills.
  3. Touchstone Legal then schedules a face-to-face interview with the top candidates from the initial screening processes to acquire an in-depth understanding of each candidate's skill set and previous legal experience. During this process, our recruiters also remain focused on assessing critical attributes which are not apparent from a resume, such as a candidate's professional demeanor, communication and social skills, and overall personality.
  4. Touchstone Legal checks a minimum of four references, including two supervisory references and two peer references. This enables our recruiters to factor in additional viewpoints on a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, such as professional aptitudes, work ethic, teamwork skills, and other important qualifications.

After considering all aspects of a candidate's skills, background, and personal attributes, we select and present the candidates who are best suited to meet your needs.